Testimonial of students on the course “Music making, practicing and the brain” at the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague.

For my personal developing, this subject is the best subject I’ve done in the school, because of the content that fits with my personal expectations (to have autonomy, inner calmness, confidence and enjoy playing as I can in the way I want and then I can be free), the teacher's good preparation and material, and the way that Wieke communicates with the students.
It has been very inspirational following this course. I have learned very useful and important tools for my professional development that unfortunately are not always taught in our instrumental lessons. I was really motivated following the course because I realized that all what was presented in the lessons was worth to try, and was useful.
This course was really eye-opening to me! I definitely received sufficient tools to keep developing in making my practicing and performing increasingly effective. It will take some time to really apply optimally all of the skills we learnt in this course so I can carry on working on my own, developing skills such as experimenting and then integrating, also experimenting with the use of color in my scores, strengthening connections in my brain by associating musical ideas with many different aspects of my playing such as finger technique, articulation, sound as a whole, creating lines in the music, portraying a specific mood, etc.
I really find the content of the course fascinating. The theory behind it
is extremely clear and logical. The tips of how to use this information are fantastic because they are so simple as well as effective, in fact rather revolutionary.
I really really enjoyed the class and it’s given me a lot of hope.



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Music making, practicing and the brain