Ulrike Quade is one of The Netherlands’ most outstanding visual theatre makers. She has created her personal theatrical signature by combining puppetry, dance, (physical)theatre and scenography. She consistently explores her personal theatrical language, in which the expressive power of visual images is of the greatest importance. She was inspired to this theatrical form in Japan, by Hoichi Okamoto and his quirky solo puppet theater and butoh dance. Ulrike is artistic director of The Ulrike Quade Company that performs in venues and at the invitation of festivals in Europe (UK, Norway, Germany, France, Italy), the United States, China and Taiwan. Ulrike Quade graduated from the acting department of the Utrecht School of the Arts in 1998 and from the theatre making department with a Master’s degree (Cum Laude) in scenography in 1999. She was the first Dutch director to be awarded a Directors Lab Scholarship by New York’s Lincoln Center in 2004. She has worldwide fame with her performances, which include international co-operations and opera productions.
Photography: Eddy Wenting


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