On optimal performing and auditioning

For music students and professional musicians

Thursday afternoon 16th of August 5.30 pm (17.30 hours) until
Sunday afternoon 19th of August 4 pm (16.00 hours) 2018
(Orvelter Hof – Witteveen – Drenthe – The Netherlands)

Teacher: Wieke Karsten
Workshop: Story-telling – what musicians can learn from (puppet) theatre by guest teacher Ulrike Quade

“Music making, practicing and the brain” offers musicians an unique and intensive three days course in which you will learn a method that will change both your practicing and performing. It will tell you all about training focus, how to prepare performing, how to stay physically and mentally calm and how to reach a high level of artistry and enjoyment on stage.

All participants will perform during the course, coached by Wieke Karsten. Theory and practice will go hand-in-hand! The course will be completed with a concert in the beautiful church of Zweeloo.

This inspiring event, including delicious meals, will take place at a beautiful old farm in the midst of nature in the North of Holland (Drenthe). There is no better way to start your next semester!

Wieke Karsten, flutist and teacher at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, is the driving force behind the summer course “Making music, practicing and the brain” on performing and auditioning.

Musicians are expected to always perform at their best, in all circumstances: concerts, exams, auditions and competitions. We all know this is not as easy as it seems. Whether we like it or not, there is the issue of “performance anxiety”.

Strangely enough, dealing with performance anxiety and learning how to perform under pressure with enjoyment and a high level of musicianship, is hardly ever taught to musicians.

How can we train this? What skills and knowledge do we need? How can we connect our practicing to the performance?

Knowledge on how the brain functions can give more insight on several aspects of music making, practicing and performing.

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Music making, practicing and the brain